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Freelance Production since 2000


I work both union and non union jobs; commercials, network promos, food tabletop, print shoots, content, docustyle, product, stage builds, car shoots, beauty, basically everything.  These jobs show the range of skills I use to tackle various sized budgets and shooting styles while wrangling dashes of celebrity personality.


Since 2003 I have been fortunate enough to have managed and produced jobs all over the world.  I have worked at every company you know from Propaganda (I know, dates me), @radical, Hello!, O-Positive, MJZ, Partizan, Smuggler, Park Pictures, HSI and Anonymous to Identity, Nola Pictures,  Charcole Films, Pointblank, Hero Content, Independent Media, Go Film and RSA (to name a few).  I am also proud to work at multiple, equally amazing one-stop shops like Roger, Casey Creative, Whitelist., Mass Appeal and Paperboy/Trailer Park.

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